Love Your Photography

By nancie

Sometimes, we tend to be our own worse critic, downgrading our accomplishments and minimizing the amount of skill we summoned to wrangle a particular shot. This is typical self-loathing behavior of the creative mind.

Instead of focusing on where we've failed, we could better use our energies to recognize how far we've come.

Here are some simple exercises to take along with us in our journey as a reminder of our amazing growth and achievements.


Always Look Back
Not sure what you've really accomplished? Look back at your earlier shots on Flickr, Facebook, and other social media where you post your photos. It's amazing to see just how far you've progressed and improved since the beginning. When we see our earlier posts, we're often tempted to take them down. But, leaving them is a great reminder of our growth and encourages us to keep going.

Self Critique
Revisit your images from past competitions. Take note of where you were lacking and compare that to what you've since conquered. Critiquing older work can really boost your morale and show the leaps and bounds of your improvement.

Bragging Rights
When you shoot, make mental note of the skills you're currently using to frame up, expose, and shoot each image. Then think back to when you didn't know or use these skills just months earlier. As we spend time with our cameras and other shooters, we often grow our skills without realizing it.

Remember, each little accomplishment counts toward big achievements over time. Keep shooting, keep learning, keep growing...and most importantly, keep loving your photography.