Pre-meetings:  6:30 PM

Presentations/Programs:  7:30 PM

Meeting are generally held on the Fourth Monday of the month from September through June and usually alternate between a presentation/demo and a club members’ competition.  Pre-meetings provide time for socializing, discussion and/or tutorial presentations typically given by one of our members.


The HUB Camera Club was founded in 1998 by Mr. Ed Hunt and a group of photography enthusiasts wanting to share their experiences.  The Club is dedicated to promoting photography (darkroom, digital, B/W & color prints, and projected images) as an enjoyable recreational endeavor for all skill levels, beginner to advanced.  Through competitions, critiques, talks, and demonstrations, members learn to improve both technical and artistic image-making skills.

HUB CC is a member of the New Jersey Federation of Camera Clubs (NJFCC).

In addition to our regular monthly meetings, we offer a series of small group meetings the purpose of which is to provide an opportunity for members with common interests and experience levels to work together and, as needed, with more experienced members.  These meetings are held between the club’s monthly meetings; timing, location and frequency vary as they are determined by members of the group.  Currently there are four Small Groups:

Photo Basics Small Group meetings provide a place to learn about the fundamentals of photography. It’s a great place to bring questions about how your camera works, or maybe, how digital photography is different from using film, or how to prepare your photo for competition or to hang in one of our club’s exhibits. 

Advanced Small Group  meetings are generally open discussions of topics brought up by the group’s members, and range widely: camera or lens technology, advanced post processing techniques, perhaps some recent experience or problem encountered. This is a group of experienced photographers who enjoy each others company.

Photo Editing Small Group  meetings deal mostly with questions about Photoshop, Lightroom, and Photoshop Elements or with some of the many plug-ins now on the market. These are great tools, but the learning curve can be steep, and this is a place to get some help.

Lighting Small Group  meetings are workshops to learn about light and how to control and use it. Last year we worked with speedlights, both connected and remote from the camera, along with a variety of light modifiers. Photography is all about light, and what we learn with man made light sources, often on dark evenings, should help as well, when photographing outdoors even on bright, sunny days or when dealing with a cloudy, overcast sky.



President ~ Nancie Bozza

Vice President ~ Mia Mutascio

Secretary ~ Willie Juhlin

Treasurer ~ Harriet Kelem

Immediate Past President ~ Phil Zwick

Member at Large ~ Gene Schramm



Competitions ~ Nancie Bozza

Exhibits ~ Guy & Carmela Palmiotto



NJFCC Club Delegate ~ Nancie Bozza

NJFCC Competition Chair ~ Nancie Bozza