Four Categories

Color Monochrome
Print Projected Image (PI)

Three Levels*

LevelClassAdvancement Point Range
Beginner/Entry B 0 - 24
Advanced A 25 - 99
Above Advanced Salon 100

* Assigned by accumulation of Class Advancement Points or by Club President

Class Advancement Points:

Points are awarded to members for entries that win in club competitions.

 Class A or BSalon
First Place 4 3
Second Place 3 3
Third Place 2 3
Honorable Mention 1 1

Scoring System Used by Judges:   Normally 3-9



All submissions must be exclusively the work of the entrant, although trade processed prints are permitted. Maximums of 2 color and/or 3 monochrome entries are allowed, for an overall limit of 5 entries per member per competition. Re-submissions are not permitted if an entry has won a ribbon. Subject matter themes are announced in advance.

All Prints - should be board mounted, not carrying any fittings that might damage other prints. The maker's name must appear on the back with an image title.

Minimum print size:  5 x 7 in.,

Maximum print size:  11 x 14 in.

Maximum mounting board/matte size: 16 x 20 in.

Digital Projected Images - may not exceed 1050 pixels in either the horizontal or vertical dimension. Color space - sRGB, Format - JPEG.