Essential Software for Photographers: The Ultimate List (50 Tools)

By nancie

As a photographer and a technology person, I hated myself when I was unproductive. For me, "busy" was always the most common word for answering "how are you doing?".

I love photography but many times I just couldn't squeeze the time when friends asked me out for shooting. Well, you can say that is an excuse because time is always there. Indeed, time is always there — depending on how you allocate it.

As time went on, I've learned that leveraging technology is a good way to not only improve my photography skills but to balance work and life. That's why I'm always open to try out new tools.

In this article, I'm sharing the results of my recent research on the essential software and apps for photographers. I use many of these tools on a daily basis; some of the tools listed below are recommended by my photography friends in a local camera club.

To make it easier for you to explore, I put these software services into different categories. Each category includes several noteworthy options (both free and paid), so that you can use this article as a catalog to refer to in your photography pursuits.....