Kimberly Ducoté-Schimmel

By nancie

Kimberly Ducoté-Schimmel considers herself three things:

     -  a photographer,

          -  an artist

               -  and a teacher. 

Often she separates these to fit into a society definition, but in truth they cannot be separated.  Her work starts with a personal vision, a photograph, and a desire to create.  From there she works with the photograph to build the visual content defined by the image itself.  The photograph is a tool, a means to an end, just as a painter uses a brush to create his/her version. 

Kimberly truly believes great photographs are created from the mundane as well as from the grandeur of our world.  As a photographer, she looks with open eyes and a clear mind.  "A successful photograph is one in which the viewer is forced to pause at something they never noticed before."

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